Monday, March 03, 2008

Another wonderful week begins....

Well, the good cousin's twins had their first birthday party on Sunday. It was nice to see them so cute and happy after all they went through being born so early. They arrived at 29 weeks for those who need a refresher. I don't have any pics yet but when I get some, I'll post em. They're still little for a year old...just to give you an idea...Isabella's party dress was a size 3-6 mos. Jacob is a little bigger but not much. They're little munchkins but cute nonetheless.

My dad had cataract surgery today. He's doing well...he had the 1st eye done December 17th. Not such a huge deal but spending the day in the hospital is just not fun. At least Susan was there to keep my company. I went to get my dad some water after the surgery and was asked if I wanted some...I declined and the woman asked if my mom wanted some...I told her I didn't know, I'd have to call her and ask. I think she felt kinda stupid since Susan's my dad's girlfriend and not my mom but I thought it was funny. I never understood why people just always assume. Don't they know the saying that assuming just makes an ass out of you and me?'s home resting and I get to play chauffeur for the next week or so...until he is able to resume his own stuff.

Lastly but certainly not least...I got some new news on my friend Ro, the one who had the aneurysm in LA. Unfortunately, I didn't get good news. She's no longer in an induced coma...she just hasn't woken up. So, the doctors are not really pleased with that. They've been doing tests to check her brain function and she's not responding well to these tests. So, the doctors will wait and retest because sometimes it takes more time for some people to regain their brain function. I wasn't happy to get this news...obviously but Ro is a fighter and I have to believe that she's gonna pull through. Also, the doctors are going to have to perform a tracheotomy because she's in the coma and she may need a ventilator to make sure her lungs are getting the air they need. I guess the pneumonia has some effect on them. She's been getting a lot of visitors and that makes me happy since I'm not able to be one of them. I want to go out there but I'd rather go when she's awake. I have to just keep a positive attitude and keep hoping and praying for the best.

The other great thing is that a few of her friends opened a bank account for her because well, money isn't coming in. Her last job was doing some freelancing. Though she has medical insurance, she doesn't have money coming in and she's been supporting her mom. When her mom retired, she moved to LA to live with Ro and she basically just has her social security. I'm so thankful she's got such amazing friends who are close to her and have been there for her mom as well. I also feel a little better because now I can at least do something for her since I can't send anything to the ICU. I can help her out a little financially. I can't do much but at least I can do a little. She really is an amazing friend. We've only been friends about a year and a half but she's made such an impact on my life and she's just been an amazing friend. I can't tell you how many times I go to email, call or text her something because something reminds me of her or it's something I know she'll want to know or she'll just laugh at. I can't wait til I get my friend back. I really miss her. Get better Ro! Now damnit!

I guess that's about all I have to report for now.