Thursday, March 06, 2008

Watch Make Me a Supermodel...

I will admit that I've been watching this stupid show but it is amusing....I got a cool email the other day though. My mom's boyfriend's nephew's girlfriend (I know, I know) owns a vintage clothing store here in NYC. Well, she and the store are going to be on tonight's episode of Make Me A Supermodel onj Bravo. I thought that was pretty cool. Shannon, the owner of the store is a really cool chick and she's super talented. She started ths store from practically nothing and it's become a booming business. She works with a lot of stytlists and dresses a lot of celebs as well. She also supplied clothes for some movies.

She lent me a dress for a rehearsal dinner last year. It was beautiful...vintage Belenciaga. OMG, totally gorgeous and all I had to do was dry clean it so that worked out really well for me. I got SO many compliments on the dress and it was fun to tell people that it was designer and vintage.

The store is beautiful and Shannon has just put so much work into it. Each item has a handwritten tag on it that describes the garment, says what year it's from, the designer and anything else that might be interesting. They tags are really pretty and you can just see how much work Shannon puts in. I felt like she deserved a shout out.

This is the store info:
New York Vintage117 W 25th StNew York, NY zip codePhone: (212) 647-1107
Take a look.

Oh and my bad news...because of course there's always some...for those who don't computer died Tuesday night. I'm told it's on life support. I hope it can be fixed. We'll see. I will say that I feel like I lost an appendage since my computer was always on it was always within arms reach in the living room. I always multi task and am online while I watch tv at night...I think I'm going through withdrawal. That's it for now...over and out.