Monday, December 11, 2006

Glitter Wars...

So, when I was in college, I started sending out holiday cards. One year I decided it would be festive to include glitter in the cards. So, each card had some glitter and when you opened it...surprise. I didn't think this would be such a big deal because it was my sophomore year of college and we all lived in the dorms. Well, my friend Stephen thought this was a HUGE deal and he wanted to kill me because he said he was finding glitter for months. So began a bit of a prank war. Though, Stephen is the type who can give it out but can't take it. So, prank war with him is not the greatest. I come home one day and go to turn my bedroom door and it's covered in Vaseline and glitter. Ok, hahaha...that was cute. But then, later that night I go to use my phone...I didn't look at it before putting it to my ear....yup, you guessed it....more Vaseline and glitter so I now have that shit all over my ear and in my hair. Now I was a little annoyed but I laughed. I was plotting revenge. I was going to stage a glitter attack on Stephen's car but I was going to wait. I wanted him to be caught off guard....a sneak attack if you will. So time goes by and it does die down. I get caught first. I come home and Stephen is waiting in my bedroom with a shitload of glitter on a piece of plastic and he hits a switch on my fan and yup....glitter storm ALL OVER my bedroom. Gold glitter everywhere. It was like he went to the craft store and bought them out. So now I'm pissed and I mean war. I am still planning on the car attack. I was going to put the glitter ALL over the car....which is a bitch to clean but so was my room after the attack. Someone told Stephen about my planned attack and it was foiled and the whole thing was dropped because as I mentioned before, he can give it but can't take it and he became a really whiny bitch. Well, don't you worry...over the years I more than got him back. Well, the war began in December of 1995. So, this was 11 years ago and our prank wars have long since been over.....till today. I got my holiday card from Stephen in the mail today. It seemed kind of odd. It was not smooth. So, I felt it a bit and I also noticed that the entire envelope was totally sealed shut. Then I shook the card and I heard glitter. So, Stephen...nice try but I opened it over the garbage and there was no glittery mess like you intended!

So, I now ask for ideas....all ideas welcome. Here's the one caveat...he's a cop so I don't want to give him reason to arrest me. But pretty much anything legal goes.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

Quick Response!

I emailed the soda company on Saturday and I got a response today! They thanked me for my email as well as my concern and they are sorry I am unhappy with their product and they will forward my concerns to the marketing department. Then they said they would send me a coupon for a 12 pack and I would get that in several weeks. So, here's my question....where are they sending my coupon? I didn't give them my address and if they are emailing coupons...why weren't they in the email I just got? I don't get it. But I did get a response.


So, I've had this cold for a few days which is fine. Well....not fine but not a big deal. So, I woke up this morning and I can't swallow or talk. I have NO voice. To me.....this is almost a fate worse than death. Other than that....I really don't have much. The weekend was nice. Decent weather but really not much going on. I was trying to get rid of this cold that doesn't seem to want to leave my body. Damn germs.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Today's Rant...

I will soon not rant every day or rather, every post. Well, I just wanted to say that for years I have loved my diet sunkist soda. it tastes different. Fuckers must have changed the formula and now it tastes like baby aspirin and though I used to love that orange chalky goodness...I don't want to drink 12 ounces of it. So, I'm annoyed. Why can't companies leave well enough alone and keep the original formula that people apparently like since they buy it and have been buying it? That's all I ask. Well...for now. :)