Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ok, my first attempt at before and after house pics...

OK so here goes nothing...the pictures weren't cooperating. The before pic is the one where the house is white with the nasty green awnings...the after is the brick. I'll do some 'splainin. On the right hand side (where the tyvek wrapping is) is the extension that was built's a 4 ft extension to make the master bed and bath bigger. The house was originally built around 1942 and it was a horrible yellow stucco. Over the stucco was what you see, nasty trailer park looking vinyl siding. The siding was just so wasn't even on the house in some places. Also, if you touched it, it would stood away from the house about 6 inches. The awnings were also just gross. The other major change done to the outside was the garage. Originally, it was a garage but then it was made into a room and now it's back to being a garage. The nice thing is that there is heat and central air down there since it was a room (we added the central air).

Ok, next....The front of the house is now all brick as you can see. The sides are shingles but they are vinyl. It really looks like a totally different house. This isn't a complete picture because since this was taken, there is now an iron railing and banister by the stairs. I don't know if you can tell but the porch and stairs are also new. They were concrete that was painted green. Now it's brick and slate. There is also now a mailbox, address numbers and a glass and iron awning over the door so you don't get wet in the rain. On the left side of the house is the deck and that's in the picture that has a lovely finger in the way. On the right side of the house is another deck with the hot tub (the hot tub is right outside my bedroom and there's a door there. :)) There is also an outdoor shower by the tub which you can see and now there is also a door to that deck so it's more closed to the outside.

I think I've rambled on that's about it. I'll try to get to the inside soon. I'm not quite sure where the before pics are so I have to keep looking. Oh and I managed to fall down the stairs inside the house already. That was fun...I was just a bit bruised but I'm fine.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ok, time to play catch up...

So, I know...I disappeared. Well, I'm moved and somewhat unpacked. If I never see Home Depot again, it'll be too soon. I'm sorry but the people that work there just don't have a clue...well, most of em. Now Bob...he's a good guy and he was really helpful.

This is my first time living in a house and it's taking some getting used to. I already set off the burglar alarm by accident...oops. I did manage to turn in off in time so the cops didn't have to pay me a visit. Also, neighbors....they sure are friendly. I'm NOT used to this. You look down and don't acknowledge anyone else's presence. You live your life and they live theirs. Now, I get a wave and a how are you every day. It's nice. The people are nice. I'll get more into them in the future. So far, I only know a few. I also learned that there are some scary ass noises that you hear at night. I was convinced that some Norman Bates-esque person was outside my window the other night. I didn't look...I was scared to be face to face with anyone. I just hoped that if anything happened, the alarm would be tripped and I'd be ok. I did stay up til the sun rose though. I'm in the midst of re-reading Portnoy's Complaint so that kept me company. Yeah, I know....interesting company...what of it. Moving along....

Soon, I'll post some before and after pics of the house...I just have to get them organized. I have to organize the house first. Also, I have yet to jump in the hot tub. I'm not sure what I'm waiting for. It does look quit inviting...I must say. I'll get there. If nothing else, my mom and her bf are coming for mother's day and I'm having some company the weekend after so...I should get in that bad boy soon enough.

I've had an education about landscaping...kinda. What the hell do I know...Central Park was my lawn growing up. The Parks Dept took care of it. What do I know from trees and flowers other than the invincible house plant that I can't kill?

Lastly but absolutely NOT least...I met Loving Annie for tea at the St. Regis when she was in NY. Tea is not something I normally do but it was very nice though you'd was $45 a, not an every day thing. I had some lovely Lemon Verbena tea and yummy munchies....she did a really nice write up that even has pictures so go visit and take a look. :) We had a very nice time. Annie is really I thought she would be from reading her blog all this time. I have to say...I felt like our time together flew...we had some great conversation. It was wonderful to hear about her recent travels to Europe and hear about what she had done so far in NY. I really love when people get to come here and see what the city has to offer.

So...I think that's about it for now. I took a break from organizing and re-organizing my kitchen because I was just getting fed up. Let's just say that things are not fitting where I wanted them. It's annoying but it's getting there. I guess. I miss everyone. Thanks for bearing with me in my absence. :)