Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camp visit and a few other things...

I had a fabulous time. It was kind of surreal since I hadn't been there sine 1989 but it was amazing nonetheless. One of the girls I went to camp with from when I first started in 83 was there for the summer, her dad now owns the whole place. It was a little sad because the camp isn't doing so well, it was only at half capacity. Also, the kids are just brats. I'm sorry, they complain about doing activities when we were up at like 7 and did activities all day and then had evening activity then sleep. They were a little pathetic. Many said they don't know how to fold clothes because their maid does it. You get the gist.

There were about 5 if us who actually went to camp together who were is a couple who went to camp together and somehow met up later and got married. I don't know the whole story. We looked around the camp and we reminisced A LOT. We looked at all the old color war plaques and saw the new pool and stable and a whole new area. Of course I forgot my camera but others had theirs so it was all good. I have pics. I saw a woman who was the girls head counselor when I was a camper and now she's the director of the camp. I thought she was ancient when I was a kid...turns out she's 65. I was SHOCKED! She looked the same...I guess she just didn't look so good then. I dunno. Here's a pic of the group of us on the front lawn of camp on the big bench. Ok so blogger didn't put the pic where I wanted it. Whatever. Today, I went to a craft fair near me and saw one of the girls and her husband because they had a booth there. So, I have to give credit to facebook because it's amazing how it all came together. There is now talk of doing a weekend reunion thing at camp one weekend when camp isn't in session. I think that would be a blast.

More on facebook. My 10 year college reunion is in October and my friend made a page for it on facebook to get people interested. Well, I graduated with almost 3000 people and wouldn't you know, it's the people I had zero interest in seeing who are all joining this page. I told my friend that since she's the administrator of the page she needs to delete a select few. ;) we'll see how that goes.

I mentioned growing some tomatoes....well...the plants are now about 10 ft tall and the maters and getting red. I'll take some new pics soon. I'm so proud of myself because I never grew anything from a know...being a city kid an all. If I wanted green, I went to Central Park. This is also exciting. My neighbor's string bean plant has run amok so it's ALL over my deck. I just picked the first one today was GOOD! There's also cucumbers infiltrating my bad I don't like those. I also have something else growing but I have NO idea what it is. I'm waiting for something to happen. Everyone keeps telling me they're more maters but they look nothing like any other ones I've seen. We'll see what comes from the flowers they now have.

Oh oh...I also have herbs...basil, mint, cilantro, thyme and sage. It's so cool. kid in me. That's all for now. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm going to CAMP!!!!

My mom's cousins owned a sleepaway camp so when I was 6, I was shipped off for the summer. I had a blast. I went for 7 summers. Through the magic of Facebook, I have reconnected with people I went to camp with who I haven't spoken to for 25 years. On Saturday, I'm going up to camp with some of the girls I went with. It's a mini impromptu reunion and I CAN'T WAIT! I've been having dreams about camp and there have been so many pictures being posted. This is just SO exciting to me. :)

Now my dad's cousins own a sleepaway camp. My mom's cousins sold theirs and have since passed but my dad's cousins are just fine. Their camp is about an hour or so from my old camp so I'm going to stop there too.

I'll be reliving my youth on Saturday. Here come the 80s all over again. I'll let you know how it know...all 2 of my readers! :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I know, I suck...'s been a while. I've been spending less and less time near the computer so that when I am around it, I haven't been posting. So...I live 4 blocks from the beach but haven't been yet. I know...again....I suck. I do do some gardening. It's fun...some of it. I got my first ripe tomato the other day. I'll take some pics and post em.

I had a bbq a few weeks ago for my birthday. It was a blast. I worked a lot cleaning and doing all kinds of things but it was nice to have people around and just relax and have a nice time.

I had my first car accident a few weeks ago. I'm fine and so is the car but...I was at a red light and I was rear ended. The guy was a total asshole. Said he was driving his dad's car and didn't have any info like ins card or know...the things you're required to carry BY LAW! I was nice and didn't call 911. Had I called 911, he would have been charged with felony hit and run because he left and because there was property damage and personal damage (my back was not happy...I almost ate the steering wheel but I'm fine). So, guy was nice enough to give me his phone 3 before he left and I got his plate #. I told him what it would cost to fix because he didn't want it to go to the insurance co. Well, he said it didn't cost what I said and just acted like a dick. Well, a little birdy I know at a police station ran the plate and got me the info I needed. His insurance company was involved and the adjuster said the damage was more money than I had originally told him. Well, screw him and his rates'll go up now. Fucker. Don't rear end people. Anyway...

Not too much else of interest going on. It's kinda rainy and not nice out today so I'm gonna try my hand at some lime meltaways.

Oh...the other thing...this suburban living thing...neighbors can be really nice. Several of my neighbors are keeping my produce needs filled all summer. I think they think I don't eat...I don't know but I could open a farm stand at the rate it comes in the door. It's nice though. Fresh picked produce tastes pretty damned good.

Now I'm done. I'll try not to neglect the blog as much anymore.