Monday, October 06, 2008

Got a Private Plane I Can Borrow?

One of my really good friends from College is getting married on Saturday in Texas and it looks like I'm not going. I've been watching flights for this weekend for a LONG time. Well, here's the problem...I'm boxed into leaving on Friday because Thursday is Yom Kippur. Flying on Friday as opposed to Thursday, makes it a lot more expensive. To make a long story short, it would cost me around $600 including hotel, airfare, gift, etc to arrive in TX on Friday afternoon and leave on a 6am flight Sunday morning. I just can't justify it.

In the beginning, I told my friend that it was just going to cost too much but she kept saying I'd be able to find a good fare and wanted me there and I also wanted to be there for her. So, I never outright just said no. So here I am, it's Monday and the wedding is on Saturday and I have no ticket...that's where the private plane comes in. ;)

I was also supposed to share a room with one of the other girls. I don't feel THAT bad about canceling on her because she originally planned to have her own room so it was just an added benefit that I'd share it with her and cut her cost in half.

I just feel SO horrible that I'm going to miss this wedding. Then I realized that part of the reason she's having her wedding in TX and not in NY is because she wanted to save money. Well, I have to look out for my wallet too and $600 is just a lot of money for a day and a half. The other reason she's having it there is that is where her fiance's family lives and they are a lot of people. In addition, his mother is not all that well.

I've tried so many combinations of trying to get there, it's just not in the cards, or so it seems. I've tried using mileage and I've tried flying to other cities and driving...nothing. This is the other strange thing...I've checked travelocity, priceline, orbitz, etc and they don't have the tickets discounted from actually booking it through the airline at all. So, that's my frustrating tale.