Sunday, February 03, 2008


It's a few hours to kick off and I have to do a little Giants post. I really hope the Giants can pull this off. I'd LOVE to see the Giants put an end to the New England perfect season. It would just be so perfect. Oh how I hate those cheating bastards. I'll leave it at that and tonight we'll see what happens.

I'm off to a party at a friend's apt and I'm looking forward. She just bought a 46 in LCD so that should be real nice. :)

I had a little mishap earlier. I was making Guacamole. I used FUCKING HOT pepper. A tiny little orange pepper that packed some punch. I think it's a scotch bonnet. Anyhow...kept telling myself NOT to touch my face til I washed my hands. Well, hand RIGHT to the hurts. My eyeball was on fire. I flushed it with a bottle of saline and that helped a bit but lots of ice water later...I was still burning. Lesson learned...wear gloves. Anyhow...I'm ok now. I hope the guac tastes ok because well...I was injured in the process. And again....


P.S. I still want feedback on the post below so don't forget about that one. :)