Monday, February 04, 2008

Hell Update...

I spoke to the mother of the bride and all is well. Apparently the maid of honor didn't tell her I offered my house. Nor did she tell her anything that I had said. Also, MOB said she heard the restaurant that the MOH had suggested sucks. Isn't it nice when people communicate? is. That said, I have calmed down. I feel MUCH better and I think everything will work out JUST fine.

I also have to say this even though it has nothing to do with the post....OMFG...that was the best Superbowl. I almost had a heart attack in the last 2 minutes but it was a great game and I am SO happy that the Giants were able to give it to NE. Such a nice feeling. My friend walked in front of the tv when there was about a minute and a half to go. I had to push her out of the way and tell her she's not see through. ;) Oh, she's the bride in the above story actually....I'm still in the wedding. lol The only thing is...I have to go run some errands in Manhattan tomorrow and I think I'm gonna get stuck in the middle of the parade area. I'm not so thrilled about that...oh well. Once when the Yanks won, I was working near city hall at the time and I left to go get lunch and a glimpse at the parade (I had some kind of special ticket that would get me in to see the who to do. I couldn't deal with the crowds so I went back to the office (my window overlooked city hall park) yeah, they wouldn't let me in to the area to get back to my office. I was like...fine, I'll go home. I even showed my work ID and all my info...I was working for a state senator at the time...he found out I was stuck and I was telling the office manager on the phone that I was stuck. He got on the phone...yelled at me and demanded I put the cop not letting me through on the phone. Well, I was allowed to go back to work.

OK, so this post went off on a happens. Deal. :)

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