Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving....First Snow and Quiche...

OK, now he's what we got. First is the quiche I made for dinner last night. A simple spinach and swiss you can tell, we were hungry so I ate then I photographed. You get the idea. I just love quiche. It's easy and good.

Next, we have the view out my window yesterday at around 7am when I got up. It was a winter wonderland. I decided to go back to didn't work. Oh well.

Finally, we have my Thanksgiving food pics. I realized that I missed photographing half of the meal but well, that's how it goes. I was busy. You have my turkey, apple pie (it warranted 2 pics i guess) , pumpkin pie and my mini cornbread muffins. The cornbread was has bacon, creamed corn and jiffy cornbread mix....YUM. Not good for ya but damned good tasting. The pumpkin pie is the recipe off of the Libby's's an old standard. Apple pie is my own creation which is a modified version of my grandmas....apples, sugar, cinnamon, cornflake crumbs....I think that's really it. The turkey...well...that's a secret...if I told ya, I'd have to kill ya ;)

I promised these pics a while ago so here ya go. Enjoy. Next up...Latkes for Hanukkah tomorrow. :) Maybe I'll make em Wed...we'll see. They are labor intensive since I hand grate all the taters.