Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel....

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and I suck. I thought I had candles but I don't so I have 2 naked menorahs. I guess I'll go get candles tomorrow. Ooops. I could go out and get them but it's cold and I'm tired. I had a long day. As I kid, I LOVED Hanukkah...without fail, I got 8 gifts...it was great. I usually got 1 big gift the last night and other smaller gifts the other 7 nights. We usually had my cousins over and had a fun night of dreidel, latkes and presents. Now it's still a fun time but not as magical as it was when I was a kid. No more of that 8 presents stuff. Oh well...I'm not complaining...I still usually do pretty well. Though, my family was never huge on the gift giving as far as surprises go. I always knew what I was getting and most times, I actually went to the store to get it. Also, my parents gave stuff all year round....so, deprived, I was not. Now, I have an annual Hanukkah get together with friends and we have a fun time and do a gift exchange where we each get 1 person to give to. It's always a good time. This year's get together is on Sunday...maybe I'll kick ass at dreidel this year...lol

I am making the traditional latkes tonight...actually...they're frying as I write. Gotta say...grandma would be disappointed as I didn't hand grate everything like I usually do. I took the shortcut and I shopped everything in the food processor. I did feel bad while doing it but it was more instant gratification. I'll be sorry when I take that first bite though because I'll be able to tell. Sometimes the best way to do things is by hand and this is the case with good latkes. Well, to those who celebrate it...Happy Hanukkah, to those who don't....well, have a latke anyway...just make sure you add applesauce or sour cream...of both if you so choose. :)

UPDATE: I found the Hanukkah candles. YAY! So, I lit em a little late...so be it. I also used my grandfather's menorah for the first time. It felt nice to use it since he can't.

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