Saturday, November 24, 2007

Post Thanksgiving...

Well, Thanksgiving is over and it was fun. I spent 2 days cooking and I had good company on Thursday night. This weekend is a weekend to relax. I refuse to shop...I can NOT deal with the crowds...they would turn me homicidal. There is nothing that would get to me go shopping with hordes of people at 4am and I love to shop.

For Thanksgiving dinner, I made everything but the stuffing. I HATE stuffing and I refuse to make it. I would do Thanksgiving without it if it was up to me but it wasn't up to me so I bought the stuffing at the same place I got my Turkey. I used a fresh Turkey and I gotta say, it's totally worth it. It tastes much better. I also found the original Caesar Salad recipe on wikipedia so I tried that...well...don' was AWFUL, just terrible. Everything else was great though. I have to download some pics I took and that will be my next post. I'm just being lazy this weekend since I can't download them on to my laptop, I have to use the desktop. So you will get pics. I think I got pics of most things...I tried to at least.

One of my guests brought a bottle of wine for dinner but it was warm (it was white wine) so it was suggested that I put it in the freezer to chill...whoops...forgot about it till 4am. It was totally frozen solid and the cork had popped out right through the foil top. Oops. There was absolutely no alcohol at dinner...go figure. My dad is diabetic and doesn't drink because of that and adverse reactions with some of his meds. One of the other guests is also a diabetic and doesn't really drink. Others were driving and they didn't want drinks so...there was no drinking. We're just not a big drinking family. To be honest, I have 2 bottles of wine in my apt and 1 is the one I got on Thursday. I generally cook with wine I have in the house. Just not a drinker in the house. Anyway...that's really it. Once I download the pictures, I'll be back and I'll tell ya what I made. :)

Hope everyone had a great Holiday and a nice long weekend. :)

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