Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Official...

Every year my friend Margaret hosts a Thanksgiving Potluck and it really marks the beginning of the holiday season to me. This potluck has been going on about 12 years so it's definitely tradition. This picture was a bit of a requirement. It's a picture of all my college friends who were at the party. I guess it's been decided already where the baby will go to college...I guess since mom and dad had such a good time, she should too. ;) I know I'm kinda hiding in the pic but that's because I was only in it under protest. As I was getting dressed to go, I realized that I only own like 1 pair of pants that actually fit. Most of the time when I'm in the house or just running errands, I wear jogging pants or something really comfortable so I guess I just didn't see that this happened. Well, I was greatly disturbed and I'll soon be sewing my mouth shut.

Anyway, as this was a Thanksgiving potluck, the fare was traditional Thanksgiving: Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes etc...someone even made a green bean casserole (gross)...sorry if you actually like that thing but I can't stand it. Canned green beans and that cream of mushroom soup and fried onions in a can (shudders). So there was just basically food, drink, friends and fun. It was a nice time. Next up....another friend is making xmas dinner though it's on Dec's when we could all get together. This is another tradition that's been going on about 7 years. I guess it could be said that my friends and I just love food and getting together. Nothing wrong with having fun but I gotta watch that food. I need my clothes to fit.

We had a fun announcement last friend Michele, the one front and center in jeans got engaged. I'm so excited for her and I really want her to be happy. Though there are some issues with the whole thing...I just hope it works out and the couple is happy. She has asked me to be a bridesmaid which I gladly accepted. That was some fun news and added to the cheer of the evening and it meant that there was some Champagne....nothing ever wrong with a little bubbly.