Sunday, October 28, 2007

Horror Movies

I have mainly been a horror movie scaredy cat for most of my life. It began with visiting my best friend at the time in Fresno, Ca. She lived in NY and moved because her mom got remarried so I went to visit. I was 10. We watched Nightmare on Elm Street. I was terrified because I woke up and the movie was still on and I was alone in a house (I'm not a house person as I grew up in Manhattan in an apartment). I was freaking out. I couldn't find anyone and I heard odd noises outside and saw all kinds of trees moving. (Did I forget to mention that my friend's new stepdad was a dr in the army so they lived on the base?). Ok, so I cried a bit and tried to go to sleep. Turned out my friend was in bed with her mom because she was scared shitless. So, that scarred me for a long time. I thought Freddy was going to get me for a long time. I had pretty much stopped watching all horror movies...At 13, I decided to watch The Shining....scared the shit out of me, now I was really staying away from the horror. I've never seen any Halloween movies, Friday the 13th movies, Sleepaway Camp movies. I've missed most horror franchises because of my intense fear. Well, I'm trying because I have heard good things about many horror flicks. I tivoed IT the other night...I'm working up the nerve to watch that. I also tivoed Hostel. I watched that today. I decided I'd go for some eye candy since Jay Hernandez it in it and well, he's hot. I figured I could soften the blow of the whole horror thing by seeing the eye candy. Well, this movie sucks. I laughed. Every time there was gore...I laughed. I just thought it was stupid. Sorry Eli, I won't be catching the sequel.

There was one scene where a guy is wielding a chainsaw because he wants to cut someone with it...well, he slips on blood and he cuts off his own leg....I really broke out into hysterical laughter at that one. I don't want to give anything away because if you haven't seen it then...well, don't...but still, I don't like to give things away.

Back to the scary....I thought The Omen was scary as hell. My dad had a store that I would work in after school and on weekends and upstairs was a video store. I became friends with one of the guys in the store and I'd hang out there and watch movies sometimes. He put on The Omen one day....I had nightmares for a long time. I remember sitting on the chair and holding on so tight that I had white knuckles. I already said that The Shining was frightening. Alfred Hitchcock did a good job scaring me as well. Psycho is fantastic but scary but more so than that was The Birds....Living in NYC with SO many pigeons around....that movie hits real close to home. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle scared the hell out of me because it's something that can actually happen. You could be all happy in your suburban life and meet up with some freakshow like Rebecca DeMorney's character. It's not so out there. So those movies really scare me and give me a shudder down my spine.

Well, I've rambled enough....just my personal little history with horror/scary movies. I'm trying to work up the courage to watch IT. I think I can do it. I just keep telling myself that Stephen King's movies are not as scary as his books are. I refuse to read The Shining because the movie was so damned scary I'm sure the book is scarier. OK, I really am gonna stop with the blabbing. :) Hope everyone had a good weekend.