Monday, May 21, 2007

Twins update!

I know I know, my hiatus lasted a little too long but I told you all I'd be bad at this blogging thing. I just don't do it. I know me. Anyway. I know I had posted pics of my cousins when they were first born and having some issues. Well, they are both home and doing well. I went to Jacob's Bris on Sunday and took a few pics so I wanted to share. They are so cute. They are dressed up like little dolls. I think Isabella is so cute but the outfit is a little Jon Benet for me. It's cute though. She also didn't have them on yet but she got her first strand of pearls.

This pic was taken before Jacob had his snipping so he's happy here. I can tell you, he wasn't so happy but I guess that's to be expected. ;)

Well, that's about all for now. I'll try to be better about posting but I dunno. hehe...we'll see. ;)