Saturday, May 26, 2007

Calling all books!!!

For a long time now I have been saying that there are a lot of books that I have to read. I have also been saying that I have to make a list of these books so that I can actually start reading them. So, I started a list today. It's not a very long list yet but it will get there I am sure. It's just good that I started the list because I am the Queen of Procrastination.

I LOVE to read and I have read a lot but I always feel like there are a million books I want to read. I feel like it's my mission in life to read everything that is worth reading. (I know...that's an insane mission but it's the only way I can explain it). If it was healthy and socially acceptable, I would lock myself in a room and just read forever. I guess I might get bored of it eventually and want to do other things but I really do love to read. I guess that was my point. So, I ask my readers to all do something for me. I ask that you all give me your top 5 books and I will add them to my list. Unless I've already read them of course. I do have some standards I really don't like westerns. I don't really know many people who do though. Not the HUGEST non-fiction plan. It has to be something I have a great interest in. I like fluff but to an extent. It can't be completely 100% fluff. It has to have something redeeming about it. That's pretty much it. I just love to read and I welcome all suggestions. Also, don't think you have to be limited to 5. If you want to suggest more...go for it. Oh, I am also not really a huge sci fi fan...I've tried. There are some I like but it's a really small area. I also have one more thing....I don't do Harry Potter. I tried...I hated it. I also HATED Moby Dick. I never finished was one of the worst books I ever read. Ok, I'm really done now. It's all you guys now. Take it away! :)