Friday, November 24, 2006


I AM BACK! I can post. So damn you blogger for trying to get rid of me because you CAN'T! HA HA HA.

Well, hope everyone had a good turkey day. I had a good one...went to someone else's place and she did all the work which made be feel bad because she is 9 months preggers. I kept trying to help but I got yelled at. Oh well. Food was great though. I attempted making a cheesecake for the first time. It was a HUGE hit so I'm proud of myself. I was always afraid to conquer the cheesecake. I guess I do have other things to post so I'll just ramble a little since it's my first post back.

Well, I saw Casino Royale last weekend. LOVED IT! It was well done and gritty. And Daniel Craig is HOT. They had to show him nekkid as much as possible which was FINE with me. He's yummy. I also saw Borat...I highly recommend it. My friend and I laughed so hard we were spasming. We were kicking the seats in front of us uncontrollably. No one was sitting in those seats because if they were, we would have been more careful. I do hate when people kick my seat. It's just not nice. But we went to an 8pm show on Monday so the theater was empty which was also nice.

Well, that's it for now. I have to think up other things so post since I was so frustrated with not being able to get back on here. But I am BACK!!!!!

Trick...I downloaded firefox and used it as the browser. Too back I can't figure out how to get on here using IE. Oh well, I guess I can't have everything.