Monday, November 27, 2006


So, I've been a member for about 5 years or so now and these people just don't appreciate it. I get my bank statement and find out that they have overcharged me for the last 2 months. Well, let me tell you...I don't appreciate this since they are overpriced anyway. So, I call the gym to try to rectify this situation. I am told the manager...Omar will call me back. Well, I wait 2 call from Omar so I call back. I'm told he has stepped out for his break and he'll call me back in a half an hour when he gets back. You guessed it...he doesn't call back! So, I call again and tell the person on the phone that this is just plain rude...I've been waiting 4 hours for a call back. So, I call their 800 number for customer service. Well, I get the problem fixed with regard to getting my refund but I try to explain that I think Omar is unprofessional for not calling back. They don't care and they basically say...well...we fixed you're problem so we're done. NO WE ARE NOT DONE! Your employees are not nice and are not helpful and that's not cool. Ok, I had to rant...I ranted and now I'm done.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bonnie,

My name is Merrill Richmond and I work in Marketing at New York Sports Clubs.

I read your post and would like to follow up with you about your experience. You can reach me at

Thanks in advance for giving us the opportunity to set this situation right.

Merrill Richmond

Anonymous said...

Ok, so what has Merrill done to help this situation so far? I'm sure nothing was done and Omar is still working as a manager who has no management skills.
A friend was just telling me how unprofessional NYSC's staff can be at times. It's funny... I went to the NYSC location @ 125 7th ave this morning and no one had any business cards. There was a card holder that said "Feel free to contact our general manager", but there wasn't any cards in the holder. As much as they charge for memberships, you'd think they'd be able to afford cards. A business without business cards tells you alot about the business. They are almost as bad as Ballys now, but ballys just doesn't charge as much for memberships. No one cares about providing good service, they just want your money every month. People should start training with private personal trainers because it's less hassle and you get more attention for your money. NYSC doesn't even respect their own staff. My brother went to the NYSC on 8th and 23rd to apply for a position there. No one even bothered to contact him back after 3 weeks. The general manager is some guy named gerry, but he doesn't know what the hell he is doing either. He never returns calls. Eventually, my brother went to Equinox and they hired him within 3 days. He's been working there for a little over one month and already has 8 personal training clients. NYSC sucks and is over priced! Save your money.