Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The post really has no name because it's a bunch of crap!

Ok, well....first off...I'm still sore from the walk but it was great. I met a ton of great people and in total I did about 21 miles over the 2 days. Next year, I'll do all 40...or I'll really try. Ok, now on to baseball....I know the Yanks are out but I still love my boys in pinstripes. I am NOT a fair weather fan so I will continue to post about the Yankees and edumacate those of you who don't know about this wonderful team. Of course I'll throw a few other things in to the mix as well.

First I'll say this....Joe Torre will be around for another season, at least. That's good because I like him. Here's some Joe for ya:

That's all I'm gonna post about the Yanks for the moment. Just a bit about the Mets....um...we'll see how far they get. I'd like to see them Go all the way as I really like Willy Randolph. He is their current manager but he used to be the 3rd base coach for the Yanks and he's a good guy.

Well, I think that's about it for now. I'm a little brain dead. The walk did me in mentally and physically so, I'm just coming back to being myself. So, for now....you'll have to live with this post. I'll be back though. I promise!

I'm so brain dead I forgot to include some pics from the walk. I did not take them though, my friend Courtney did. So, kudos to Courtney. I took a few pics but I have to download them...which may take a few. I did take Courtney's pics and make a Picasa collage though, let's see if I can figure out how to get it on here! Ok well, the collage it at the top...I couldnt get it at the bottom so I give up. This is as good at it gets at the moment.