Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I know, I suck...'s been a while. I've been spending less and less time near the computer so that when I am around it, I haven't been posting. So...I live 4 blocks from the beach but haven't been yet. I know...again....I suck. I do do some gardening. It's fun...some of it. I got my first ripe tomato the other day. I'll take some pics and post em.

I had a bbq a few weeks ago for my birthday. It was a blast. I worked a lot cleaning and doing all kinds of things but it was nice to have people around and just relax and have a nice time.

I had my first car accident a few weeks ago. I'm fine and so is the car but...I was at a red light and I was rear ended. The guy was a total asshole. Said he was driving his dad's car and didn't have any info like ins card or know...the things you're required to carry BY LAW! I was nice and didn't call 911. Had I called 911, he would have been charged with felony hit and run because he left and because there was property damage and personal damage (my back was not happy...I almost ate the steering wheel but I'm fine). So, guy was nice enough to give me his phone 3 before he left and I got his plate #. I told him what it would cost to fix because he didn't want it to go to the insurance co. Well, he said it didn't cost what I said and just acted like a dick. Well, a little birdy I know at a police station ran the plate and got me the info I needed. His insurance company was involved and the adjuster said the damage was more money than I had originally told him. Well, screw him and his rates'll go up now. Fucker. Don't rear end people. Anyway...

Not too much else of interest going on. It's kinda rainy and not nice out today so I'm gonna try my hand at some lime meltaways.

Oh...the other thing...this suburban living thing...neighbors can be really nice. Several of my neighbors are keeping my produce needs filled all summer. I think they think I don't eat...I don't know but I could open a farm stand at the rate it comes in the door. It's nice though. Fresh picked produce tastes pretty damned good.

Now I'm done. I'll try not to neglect the blog as much anymore.