Thursday, March 29, 2007

Burt's Bees

Well, many of you may know how this tale begins but since there are some who don't, I'll start from the beginning. I had been using Burt's Bees face moisturizer and eye cream for a while when one day....I woke up and my eyes were swollen shut. Well, not all the way shut but mostly shut and they itched like mad. So, I stopped using the stuff immediately. This condition continued for days so I called the doctor. My doctor called in a prescription for steroid eye drops and in about 2 days, I was fine.

So, after all this happened...I called the company to tell them about the reaction to see if there was anything in particular wrong with this batch. was a little expired but nothing was me. They took down my information and all of the symptoms I had and were going to forward them to some department to make sure the company was aware it happened. I received about 3 phone calls from Burt's Bees people asking me how I was doing. I thought that was really nice.

I hadn't thought about this for a while but I got a call the other day from them and they wanted to verify my mailing address because they wanted to send me a refund check because of all the trouble I had. I thought this was really nice. So, since I can't buy their products for obvious reasons, I urge others to because they were so nice to me and they are all natural and they have some damned good stuff.